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Mental rest, breathing awareness and positive life experience

The nature of mind is such that it always wanders. It cannot stand still for a moment; it either relays the memories of the past or concern of the future. Always, the mind preoccupies with something. The mental preoccupation has become the greatest challenge to our wellness. Have you ever paused for a moment to find out what it does? So, all wellness programs and spiritual development practices focus on resting the mind from work. Can we give rest to our mind which is always at work? Yes!

It is quite natural that, at times, that the mind does not listen to us as we wish to calm our mind; instead, what it does is that, it releases the imprints of the movie which it has boldly saved in the memory drive. Even when you are in sleep, your subconscious mind starts releasing those movies which we call dreams. However, in waking states, we call it the preoccupation of the mind.


If you can recollect, at least someone would have pointed out about your absent-mindedness at some point. It is something as either you are in your past or in your future. Here, the work of meditation becomes handy. One of the goals of the meditation is freeing your mind from any preoccupation with thoughts that has reference to your past or future.  For beginners, meditation works well with mindfulness of the present to give rest to your mind.

Why do we emphasize on relaxing our mind? Mental rest linked to the healthy condition of our heart and other biological systems. There is a direct linkage between our breathing experiences and mental rest. It is enlightening to experience how our breath connected to our psychic experiences of feeling, emotion, and cognition. Why should we focus on our breath? It is the only way we can deflect from the distractions of the past and the future. Observing the breath as it comes in and goes out helps calm our mind putting to rest.