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Some ideas about Yoga


 Saidatt in YSS 2

Many misconceive Yoga with Yoga-asanas, although asana is one element of Yoga, it is not Yoga. Yoga-asana is one of the eightfold paths in Patanjali Yogasutras. You practice Asanas to make your body and mind ready for the advanced level in yoga. Yoga defines the union of body, mind, and soul. The highest goal in Yoga self realization of the nature of the spirit. The practice of Asanas, Mudras, and Pranayama brings calmness in your mind and also the body. The peace in the body is not a surprising element in yoga practice, and it is the real outcome. As you practice you will experience the stillness. You can not achieve yoga-the union of body, mind and soul- in one day. It  is not a one-day affair or some hours for that matter; its an ongoing process until you accomplish the desired end. As you proceed on your practice, you begin to realize the benefits–the calmness in your mind, as the sea deep inside is very calm and still.

A Yogi cultivates the stillness and quietness deep inside the mind. A Yogi is a devotee of the peace. There are many benefits of Yoga practice. Yoga practice brings clarity on your thoughts, perception, and engagement with the world around. In daily life, it improves the effectiveness of planning, organizing, decision-making, and communication. As you perfect the Yoga, so shall you benefit.