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Why do we like our photos so much more than our being?

Suppose the picture seems to be a good one, then we do not miss any opportunity to display it to the world that we are live-in. So the photo finds a good place in our album. Else, its fate goes down to the dirt.  For sure, we all like our outward appearance. Why not? The world we live-in believe in external reality and mirror image as opposed to the internal reality and real image. We like our photos because it is sensible; we can see and visualize what we are in our externality. We also take the opinions, likes, and dislikes of others into the sensibility of our image that we formed.  Moreover, we have a ready-made technology available that present to us a review of our outside look. The technology is quite popular amongst us. Whereas, we are less aware of the technology or it is not of much interest to us— that might capture the essence of our inner- being. So the photo quickly surrogates the ‘being’ that appears to us.

What is the use? We fail to see the real connection between our inner world and the outer one. We never bother to check what we are deep inside. The external world is an illusion because if we take several hundred snaps at one point as the time and technology permit; all pictures might not appear as same. However, if we take a similar number of shots of our inner world, it is more likely that they might appear as same. Although the inner world changes, it is so slow and steady that it might evade any transformation that took place from the capture.

How is the inner-being sensible? Through the technology called yoga and meditation which is less expensive, easy to use, and now widely available. It’s of the self, by the self, and for the self. How does the inner-being look? It’s calmness, peace, joy, harmony, beauty, truth, consciousness, and bliss. It stands for all positives of the universe and the real force behind every being and becoming. It stands for Satva Guna, and its color is pristine white.