Why India Loves Guru?

  Why India Loves Guru? This article reviews literature on ‘Guru’ as a concept and essential features Guru-Shishya relationship and discussing the origin, history, and practice of Guru-Shishya tradition in ancient India. The practice of Guru-Shishya relationship explaining as why India loves Guru. More…         


Hari Nama Sankirtana a Spiritual Tradition in Bhakti Movement

Hari Nama Sankirtana a Spiritual Tradition of Bhakti Movement Hari Nama Sankirtana, devotional chants is very typical to Indian spiritual tradition, practiced mainly in eastern India, West Bengal and Orissa, as a ceremony of rejoice, spiritual upliftment.  Part of Bhakti Movement started by Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. The Spiritual goals of the Bhakti movement is self-realization by… Read More Hari Nama Sankirtana a Spiritual Tradition in Bhakti Movement

Medicinal Values of Ramphal

  Annona  Reticulate (A Family), biological name  for Ramphal (Noni or Nona in Bengali), in Oriya called Aata Phal, a multi-purpose Ayurvedic Herb. The Picture of  Ram  Phal  (Courtesy Indian Ethos & Values  Medicinal Values High Energy Content  Roots, leaves, fruits, seeds primarily used Herbal Medicine Research in Medical Biology finds 10, 000 times more powerful… Read More Medicinal Values of Ramphal