Motto: Reviving the ancient Indian spiritual tradition, the Rituals, Practices,  Ethos, and Values. Trying to decimate and familiarize the rich and old tradition with blog post, articles, spiritual tips, spiritual theme, and my experience.


The ancient India is home to spiritual inquiry of self or soul (Atman). Several thousand years ago, Indians discovered the spiritual essence in everything and every being. The Bhagavad Gita describes the essentials of man as consisting of both spirit and matter. The matter comprises five forms of gross (i.e. earth, water, air, fire, and ether) and three forms of subtle energy (i.e. mind, intelligence, and false ego). The spirit (life force) is  part of the divine and responsible for worldly creation and dissolution. Spiritual progress depends on both karma (past, present and future) and the spiritual practice.

The  spiritual traditions in India treats  the ritual, practice, and ethos all three equally essential for spiritual progress. The spiritual journey is something worth discovering yourself only with your Guru (the Spiritual Master), your love and devotion to the master will certainly lead you to the destination. Indian Ethos and Values is all about a spiritual journey to self-realization. 


Progress in science and technology has certainly eased our lifestyle providing with luxury and comfort, something beyond our need; simultaneously, it has embraced a sedentary lifestyle vulnerable to many new and deadly diseases. At times, medical science fails to discuss or creating new problems with side effects. Never before, the society looks for a solution in the nature. Spirituality and nature cure now the buzz words among the modern Urbanity. The ancient Indian spiritual practices, Yoga and Meditation, Kriya Yoga, and Nama Sankirtana and Spirituality are now becoming popular theme in West, promising the cure for many human psychological and bodily ailments.

Spirituality is cultivating calmness, happiness, peace, and inner harmony by engaging your mind, body, and spirit to the spiritual consciousness that is possible only with practice of yoga and meditation. One key aspect of spiritual journey is Guru-Shishya relationship, unlike the West, the relational bond is unique to the ancient Indian practice and very essential to spiritual progress.


Spirituality goes well along with lifestyle management. Besides spirituality, a healthy person needs healthy diet with natural fruits and vegetables. Consuming fresh vegetables and fruits as a mode of treatment for diseases is a primitive concept and practice in ancient Indian Ayurveda science.


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