Helpful Resources for a Safe and Enjoyable Pandemic Yoga Practice

By Anya Willis

The coronavirus pandemic has encouraged many of us to pick up new hobbies and experiment with different forms of at-home fitness, like yoga! What better way to pass the time in self-isolation and keep your mind and body healthy at the same time? But if you’re new to yoga, you likely have a few questions about how to get started and how to stay safe. Here are 14 resources to help you get the ball rolling on your own practice.

Q: How Can Yoga Keep Me Healthy During the Pandemic?

A: Practicing yoga can play an important role in your overall health and wellness strategy. Here are some ways you can benefit from a regular practice:

Yoga Can Help You Lose Weight

Yoga Strengthens Your Respiratory System

The Benefits of Desk Yoga for Remote Workers

Yoga for Pain Relief

The Stress-Reducing Power of Yoga

Healthy Breathing Can Aid in the Detoxification Process

Q: How Do I Start Learning Yoga on My Own?

A: If your local yoga studios are still closed, take advantage of online resources to learn the basics from the comfort of home.

Yoga Equipment for Beginners

How to Do Yoga in Your Living Room

Can I Do Yoga If I’m Not Flexible?

12 Yoga Poses to Get You Started

A Clutter-Free Space Can Improve Focus and Help You Relax

Q: Can I Take My Practice Outside?

A: Absolutely! Doing yoga outside is a great way to shake up your routine and leave your comfort zone. Here’s what you need to know:

Picking a Safe Spot for Outdoor Yoga

Ways to Take Your Yoga Practice Outdoors

Protect Your Skin During Outdoor Exercise

Avoid Pain and Injury While Practicing Yoga on the Beach

Practicing yoga is a wonderful way to enrich your days with relaxation and fulfilment when there isn’t much else to do. While you wait for the world to open back up again, use this opportunity to develop a yoga practice and hone your skills. You’ll want to stick with it long after the pandemic is over!

Note: Anya Wills compiled these resources


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