Happiness or Joy: What Would You Prefer?

Happiness or joy! what would you prefer? Both are positive emotions with similar mental states, yet they are distinct consciousness. Their presence through our livings signifies an active state of existence, a meaningful, fulfilled and worthy living.  Both are indicators of personal well-being.

Joy is everlasting happiness, where happiness is short-lived and temporary if it comes out of material pleasure alone. In that sense, both options are unavailable at your disposal simultaneously. One comes at the cost of another, as they manifest from different sources which are mutually exclusive. The source of happiness is external and associated with the material world. Happiness has to do something with fulfillment of material needs. Unmet needs causes sorrow or unhappiness. For example, you didn’t have a cell phone which you wanted for a long time and unexpectedly one day one of your relatives gifted one to you; so you became happy. Next day, you noticed that your neighbor friend was using Smart phone; so, suddenly your happiness vanished. Thus, happiness is a temporary state of mind which comes into and goes out of life with short notice. As the desire for material object is unlimited; the more you want it remains farther away from you. It discriminates between the wealthy and the have-nots.

 At times, you have to manufacture happiness in your consciousness where the imprints connect the state of being happiness to the condition of the material world. So, happiness remains conditioned to the fulfillment of material needs. Nevertheless, the state of joyousness is self-determined; its source is internal, and it comes from the within. It’s entirely spontaneous and present-to-present. The meaning of present-to-present is acceptance of the reality as you are encountering and  accepting yourself whatever you are to your present reality. How do you do it? The right way forward is independence from the bondage of your material want. By this, you do not become a desire-less person; rather, you cultivate renunciation-in-desire. Its a self discourse which is constantly communicating with the self-inside.

The joy is non-discriminatory; it does not discriminate between the rich and the have-nots. Once it becomes part of your life, it continues to cherish and incessantly flows between Muladhara Chakra (four-headed lotus) and Sahasradhara Chakra (crown chakra).  The joy is the source of the divine consciousness. The state of joyousness burns the past bad karma and is responsible for future good karma. As you burn your bad karma and accumulate good karma, so shall you meet divine consciousness. How do you make joy? Billows are ten types of internal purification that you need to do to meet  the state of joyousness.




  1. The body gets purified



  1. Breath gets purified



  1. The mind gets purified



  1. Intellect gets purified

by *Spiritual KNOWLEDGE*


  1. Memory gets purified



  1. Ego gets purified



  1. Self-gets purified



  1. Food gets purified


(While cooking & eating)


  1. Wealth gets purified



  1. Feelings get purified


(Note: The source is unknown)


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