Breathing Becomes Easy

Research suggests that 70% of our detoxification happens through breathing, 20% through sweating in exercise, 8% through urination, and 2% through the bowels. You can now imagine the usefulness of clean and refreshing air. Plants are a natural source of clean and oxygen enriched air.

Since we spend a major part of our time indoor, either in office or home, we need to make sure that we get exposed to good quality interior air .  It is a fact that the interior air has a higher concentration of toxins than open-air. The primary sources of indoor air pollution are the kitchen, bathroom, electronic gadgets (e.g. computer, smart phone), carbon dioxide, and the products we use to make our lives better.

It is a good idea to produce clean and refreshing air naturally indoor is more sustainable than using the machine. Plants are a rich source of uncontaminated and revitalizing air. For this purpose, you should grow two types of indoor plants. In your indoor garden, you can breed a mix of plants that purify the air and certain other plants that produce oxygen for 24 hours. In my research, I found the following facilities very useful.

Top Air Purifier Plants


  1. spider-plantSpider plant (for the kitchen) is botanically known as Chlorophytum Comosum and very helpful in removing harmful chemicals from the air. This plant is well-known to absorb carbon monoxide; a must have in your kitchen.
  1. english-ivyEnglish Ivy (for computer room) is an excellent plant that absorbs the toxins in the air and converts them into fresh oxygen. It is a must have planted in your office room and study room. It is also a must have for people with a respiratory problem.
  2. peace-lilyPeace Lily is one of the top indoor plants that neutralize benzene, carbon monoxide, and formaldehyde. A must have an air purifier in your home kitchen, balcony, and any other place of your choice.

Top Oxygen Producing Plants

  1. Aloe Vera releases a large amount of oxygen at night and improves the air quality in your living and bedroom to make you relaxed and find better sleep.
  2. Snake Plant releases oxygen during the day as well as in the night. You can keep this plant in your living room, bedroom, and meditation room so that you can breathe in enough oxygen.
  3. white-orchidWhite Orchid (Dendrobium) produces oxygen throughout the day and night. You can keep this plant in your living room, bedroom, and meditation room so that you can breathe in enough oxygen.
  4.  Areca Palm is commonly known as butterfly palm or golden cane palm, a must have an air purifier and humidifier plant. This plant not only purifies the toxins in the air but also produces enough oxygen during the day. You can keep this plant in your study or computer room.



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