Meditation is simple observation


Meditation is a state of being actively calm and calmly active.

  • It’s simply doing nothing but only observation.
  • It’s  simply observing your breath as it comes in and goes out.
  • It’s simply  observing the sound that you hear around you.
  • It’s  simply observing your thoughts as they come in and go out without preventing and evaluating the natural flows of your thoughts.


Sole focus remains with the awareness to live in the present moment. 

Select a separate room for the meditation.  Enter the chamber without any preoccupation in mind. At the beginning, sit preferably in Padmasana for a few minutes before you begin the meditation. While sitting, keep your spine straight. Your sole focus remains with the awareness to live in the present moment. Keep your eyes somewhat open gazing at the center between your eyebrows. Let your thoughts floating around. 

Experience the moment-to-moment.


Experience the moment-to-moment. If your attention wanders away, try bringing it back to the environment. It’s not a problem if your attention is  wandering away, it’s part of your meditation experienceKeep your focus  on breathing. Let the breath naturally flows and observe it as it goes out and comes in without any intervention. While you breath-in and breath-out, your focus also remains with the environment and  thoughts along with the breath.

Your focus also remains with the environment, thoughts and breath.


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