Knowing the Negative Emotions


Anxiety, depression, and stress causes many deadly diseases.

Medical science and clinical psychology strongly confirm that anxiety, depression, and stress causes many deadly diseases, and spirituality is an antidote boosting happiness, mental peace, and inner harmony.



Knowing the Negative Emotions

The Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 2, Verse 63 clearly describes the source of negative emotion. As the verse read:

Krodhad bhavati sammohah sammohat smriti-vibhramah|

smriti bhramasad budhi-naso budhi-nasat pranasyati||

  Negative emotion takes the toll on you when it is intense.

From anger comes delusion; from the delusion comes the confusion of memory, which, in turn, leads to loss of memory and spiritual intelligence; finally, the man perishes. Stress is the outcome of negative emotions. Anger, fear, anxiety, sadness, depression, aggressiveness, Jealousy, Worry, and all forms emotional outburst have the same route. The culprit is the thinking pattern. How do you overcome it? These are all negative emotions created by you, and you are the right one to change the course of your thinking pattern. They are as natural as you are like the gift of God. You will not find a person without anger, fear, worry, and so on. Negative emotion takes the toll on you when it is intense. The good news is that they are a manifestation of your energy but in a negative form. The intense and profound they are, a more energetic as a person you are.  Your task at hand is channelizing the negative energy into a positive force.


Negative emotions are manifestation of your energy but in a negative form.


It starts with, all of a sudden, knocking your door and entered without your notice. Soon it becomes your surprise guest. Eventually, it became your regular guest and a permanent member of your thinking pattern. By the time you see it occupied a large portion of your thinking space. As it took the time to enter, so it would take the time to leave. If you are aware now the presence of your guest and it deserves proper treatment; half of your homework complete in allowing it to leave. The next fifty percent of your effort would be to kick it out from your memory space.

As a software, it saved in your memory.

As a software, it saved in your memory. You need to erase it gradually from the memory area. To delete it, you need to press the Ctrl-Alt-Delete button. You need to watch it carefully and let it surfaces in your memory space entirely, then follow a step-by-step procedure to erase it. Simultaneously, you should develop a positive pattern of thinking. You should press the Ctrl-Alt-Delete button with and through the meditation.





The Bhagavad Gita, chapter 2, Verse 3


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