Medicinal Values of Ramphal

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Annona  Reticulate (A Family), biological name  for Ramphal (Noni or Nona in Bengali), in Oriya called Aata Phal, a multi-purpose Ayurvedic Herb.

The Picture of  Ram  Phal  (Courtesy

Indian Ethos & Values

 Medicinal Values

  • High Energy Content 
  • Roots, leaves, fruits, seeds primarily used Herbal Medicine
  • Research in Medical Biology finds 10, 000 times more powerful than Chemotherapy.
  • Being used or high potential  for Treatment of malignant tumor, Ulcer, Colon Cancer  
  •                                                        Anti Diabetic, Hepatoprotective, Anti-depressant, Anti-oxidant
  •                                               Drastically improves hemoglobin content in red blood cell
  • A  Heart Tonic,  alleviates burning sensation, neutralizes Gastric
  • Powder of the Seeds used as organic insecticide

“A saintly life with fulfillment of need rejoiced, not  with fulfillment of greed  .”– A quote from Indian Ethos and Values  


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